Ordfører Per Kristian Lunden holdt tale under gårsdagens avslutningseremoni for junior-VM i seiling. Her er talen i sin helhet:

Thank you all for making these days such a fantastic experience. For us in Risør, for our guests and hopefully you participants in this 2019 Junior World Championship 49er class.

First of all, a heartfelt appreciation to Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) and our own Risør Sailing Club with all volunteers and supporters. You made this super-compact championship work to the smallest details. You managed to convert our heritage wooden town into a smooth operating sailing arena. (I don´t know what powers guided and supported you but it might have helped to have the main race office in a former chapel, now the Salvation Army.)

I have only heard positive appraisals about for Risør Sailing Club during these days. This was truly a worthy commemoration of the club´s leader Kåre Karlsen, who sadly passed away only a few days before the championship started.

Thank you to all sailors, participants in this World Championship. Some of you might have thought that such a pleasant, quiet town must be surrounded by only soft breezes and calm waters. Well, it often is so in summer days. But, during championship regattas you have also experiences very challenging conditions demanding the utmost skills, physical and well as mental, from you as sailors. You have impressed a large group of spectators here in Risør and you have showed us how demanding sailing at this highest level is.

We thank you all visitors and guests, international and domestic. Please come back if you have the opportunity, tell people you meet about the Risør-experience and have a safe onward travel. We will miss you, but keep and cherish the good memories from this historic event in Risør 2019.